dscn0479-1Last night I slept like a dragon, roosting on a pile of new treasures.  If I was a shallower person, I’d just be here to brag about my amazing new rainbow-filled Parappa pick, or my forces-you-to-overcome-years-of-disk-ruining-paranoia-to-use-it hand-made Ranarama coaster. If I was a slighter better person, I’d type out a full transcript of the character descriptions in the DC Bangai-O manual I snaffled yesterday, instead of just teasing you with:

Mrs M, informer: A very attractive woman with whom you communicate via all news satellites positioned in space. She conveys highly useful, yet at times totally stupid information. Infortunately she is very miserly and demands high information fees. Normally a housewife residing in Manami Senju who has been married for three years, she keeps her activities as an informer secret from her husband. She allegedly buys ties or stuff like that from her husband’s income.

Sabu, street urchin: As his reputation says he plays the lowest role in the Cosmo Gang. He appears and disappears again and again. Nobody knows if it’s the same person or if he has a double. He dreams of his own  office some time in the future. Unfortunately, he is not very talented when it comes to preparing octopus pellets and simply can’t resist the waffles of goldfish salesmen.

As it is, since I’m a somewhere-in-the-middle person, I’ll give you complete scans of the wraparound Japanese boxart for Jet Set Radio, which is a masterpiece of matt-finish colour-clash brilliance (apologies that my aged scanner can’t really do it justice), and a bonus discofied treat of the silver Jap DC Space Channel 5 box.





Let me know if you want super-high res versions. And, in case that hasn’t sweetened your day enough, here’s a whole funky micro-subculture I found while googling for Parappa ukelele tab. And thank you R, and thank you T! Giving truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

4 thoughts on “Treasure”

  1. Hello! The Onion AV Club GDC coverage linked me to your blog.

    Seeing this triggers large amounts of nostalgia. I’m not entirely certain what triggered such intense affection for the Dreamcast in me or virtually anyone else who actually had it, except perhaps fun games with huge personality, like Jet Grind Radio and Space Channel 5.

    I wish I still had JGR. Until then, I’ll just use the case scan as a background for my desktop.

  2. Wow, these images are great. As Rowan has said, they’ve reminded me of just how much enjoyment I got out of my Dreamcast. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Did you know the genus for frogs is Rana? (for example, the European Common frog is “Rana temporaria”) I only found out recently, and it explains why Ranarama is called that, a mystery I have been pondering for about 22 years.

  4. Relax people it hapenepd. Still I’m going give this game the review it deserves. Just like I did for CN’s Smash clone last year on 3ds and Ps3. Going by what I’ve seen the gameplay is a very bad copy paste of Brawl, even has the super moves and brings nothing new to the Smash bros evolution. We at the media (other then ps3 fanboys) will deal with this trash once It’s out. I feel bad for Sony. Copying only gets so far and this one lacks so much innovation, much like many recent Sony games. This was done as a quick cash scheme nothing more nothing less. Listen up fans going on about Nintendo sueing Sony for the Smash patent? The industry has leached off other ideas for decades. Nothing illegal is being done, other then making a out right bad rip off. Also this is not the first smash clone, its the first identical brawl clone though. Dreammix fighters with Konami, Hudson Soft and Bandai brought Optimus Prime and Simon Belmont to life. For the Gamecube in Japan. However it was unique to the melee engine. Capcom and ubisofts Smash clones were different to but also failed. But the Tmnt clone was pretty fun, just not better then Brawl or Melee.I’ve been reading your comments and you Sony fans need to face facts this game will have better online the brawl, but over all the game is not going to do well. Sony was very creative during It’s Ps1 days, but not anymore. Like the Ps move this will fail too and fast. Still they want to release the game, playing bad games is just part of the job. Putting a Castlevania character won’t sway me either. I can’t be bought.Still I’ve been going to other blog sites for my news because of articles like this. The Blogger is using sensationalist tactics to drive views to this blog. I hate this kind of stuff because it causes a clash between Nintendo and Sony fans. When many of your readers don’t want to hear about Sony. You sir or lady have a lot to learn about being a professional and need to stop trolling your readers.Furthermore your false advertising your blog with the title Nintendo news. If you want to cover more then Nintendo that’s fine. Just change the name, so people know what to expect from your articles. That’s the Adult thing to do.

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