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  1. Coyote,If you want to pick nits, I can add the following games as well that were omettid from the article.The Black Crypt from Raven Software published in 1993 by EA. An excellent DM clone with an unique magic system.Ishar from Silmarils published in 1992.Paladin and Paladin II from Impressions published in 1992 (for 2) by Omnitrend. Impressions is best known for Casar 1, 2, and 3.Bloodwych published in 1989 by Image Works, UK.Star Command published in 1988 by SSI.Roadwar and Roadwar Europa (1987) by SSI.Sword of Aragon published by SSI around 1990.And the excellent King’s Bounty by New World Computing around 1990. This game was the ancester to the Heroes of Might & Magic series.Scorpia, did you play any of these games???

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