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As a consultant, I get to work with a lot of interesting companies on a lot of interesting games. A lot of them are based in London, and a lot of them are small, fast, satisfying projects. The two questions I get asked most at the moment are:

1) Do you know any really good Flash coders looking for a job?
2) Do you know any good freelance game designers looking for work?

My answer is always: not enough, so I thought I’d give the internet a shout. The Flash jobs are usually full-time at profitable, personable game indies or digital agencies. The game design gigs are often project-by-project, and are looking for people with proven game design and delivery skills (so have you conceived, fleshed out and finished something), rather than necessarily any particular professional qualifications or experience.

If either of those things sound like interesting opportunities, do feel free to get in touch (there’s a Contact link over on the right). I can’t promise anything at all – not even a response if I’m feeling scatterbrained, I fear – but I will pass on details to companies looking to hire where it looks like there’s a good potential match.

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