Increase The Security for your Business: What Technology Do You Need?

Maximise your business security

Access Control Systems

An access control system is an excellent security device which is easy to install and allows the users full control of who does and doesn’t have access to any building or private premises. We have installed systems in all types of property including schools, private apartments and commercial property. Click here for the importance of ACS.

We supply both video and audio intercom systems; you can have a single way camera so that you can see who is trying to access which will display on a screen on the intercom telephone.

Damage to windows and doors, internal damage and the loss of your personal effects all add up to make a hefty bill to go with the heartache of realisation that an intruder has been inside your home. Vigilance is the keyword in today’s society; taking steps to implement discreet security systems can save you a lot of anguish and save your wallet too. Business security systems.

Access Control Systems

CCTV Systems

CCTV systems prove themselves as being one of the best investments. You will have a full view of your premises, as well as real-time recording. Depending on the type of security system that you have will depend on whether you can access remotely with internet access.

This can also encourage good behaviour to your employees. It helps to create good behaviour and encourages discipline. Having CCTV cameras also offers a sense of security and safety to your customers.

Please note that you are responsible for the data you collect. See more about CCTV laws.

Commercial CCTV Cameras

Wireless Video Intercom

Wireless Intercom System

We can supply wireless colour video intercom for residents which can be used for automatic gates or door entry. See: 4 Advantages of Intercom systems for home security.

  • No wires needed between house and gate.
  • High-quality digital video system.
  • A long range of 70 meters even through an external wall, using digital framing technique to send packets of video data, rather than an analogue system.
  • Complete with a directional patch antenna for superior range performance.
  • 150-200 meters range can be achieved when the handset is located near a window with a line of sight.
  • Night vision button to activate infrared LEDs at night.