The Show Must Go On

Without question the best opera arcade game ever made, The Show Must Go On was a joint production between Hide&Seek and The Royal Opera House.

There’s lots more information on the game’s website, or you can download it on the App Store. Alongside some pretty irresistible arcade gameplay (the Lights game remains one of my favourites) there’s some interesting mechanisms under the hood. The game features four classic pieces – two operas and two ballets – and depending on how well you play, you’ll be rewarded with a dynamically generated micro-animation of the performance. Screw up in the props and the music games, but ace the lighting, and you’ll get to see a show with exactly those elements. Big props to <a href http://www.bigpixelstudios.co.uk/” target=”_blank”>Big Pixel</a>, our development partners on the project. The other kind of props.

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