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  1. I’ve never cared for action games ever. I hated the jnmuipg in Ultima VIII. One of the Baldur’s Gate games on the console had the same issue. Sure, it’s a real-time action combat game but all of a sudden, wham a jnmuipg puzzle sequence. WTF? By comparison, I really enjoyed a couple of the Ratchet and Clank games, which are platformers and you pretty much expect jnmuipg puzzles. Still, those games had their annoyingly frustrating moments. It is indeed a difficulty thing. I only have so much time and patience to spend on a single problem before I simply give up and stop playing the game. Now, back when I was in high school and college, I had a lot more time, and there were far fewer games. But today, it’s all to easy to simply put one game away and try another. My best example of this is God of War. Apparently this was a really good game. However, in the first 15-20minutes of the game is a section where you have to balance on a some 2 4 looking things to navigate your way to the next fight. I never did get past that sequence, and hence, I never picked the game up again. It’s a tough line to balance when you’re tweaking difficulty. Too easy and no one will want the game. Too hard, and not many will try to finish it. But to appeal to as many people as possible, you try to implement difficulty levels. Unfortunately, many gameplay elements turn of some player types quickly, such as jnmuipg, no matter the difficulty.In the end, Diablo sold a lot more copies than traditional RPGs did, so we’re going to continue to see Action/RPGs due to the (substantiated by sales) belief that they appeal to more people. Even Bioware has moved toward that type of game. It will be doubly sad to see Bethesda’s version of Fallout, because I’m fairly sure it will be nothing like the old games. But who knows, maybe they’ll surprise everyone.

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