SuperMe was a project commissioned by Channel 4, and delivered by Somethin Else. Aimed at teens, it was an ambitious cross-platform project which gave teens a range of tools to help improve their mental resilience. Founded in rigorous psychological research, it incorporated games designed to help players internalise some of the thought processes known to be most beneficial for mental resiliance. Working with their development partner, the always excellent Preloaded, I was involved as an external consultant, helping out both with the design of the core games, and of the overall ‘meta-game’ – gamification before we were stuck with calling it that.

The SuperMe project continues, and continues to have an impact on teens life. The four original games can all be played online – Proximity (which internalises the value of collaboration), Flomo (an exercise in ‘flow’), Linkem (a game that embodies the importance of building on good connections and jettisoning bad), and Swerveball (the value of accurate reflection on the past). Linkem was always a favourite of mine, and it ultimately got its own iOS release.

Preloaded have a great write-up of the game elements of the project here.

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