Fit To Serve

The British Intelligence Officer Exam – often known as ‘Fit To Serve’ was the first major game we made at Hide&Seek New York. Working with Wieden+Kennedy and our old friends Existor, we made a unique text-based game that gave you access to MI5’s communication channel. Patching you through to agents in the field, the game let you use natural language to test your wits as you guided them through abductions, booby traps, rescues and infiltrations.

It was praised by Kotaku as the Best Bond Game of the Fall, and Rock Paper Shotgun said the following very kind things about it:

….among the more authentic James Bond experiences I’ve ever had…The real magic of TBIOE, though, lies in its language…it was easy to forget that I wasn’t working with another person.

Fit To Serve was taken offline at the end of 2012 – get in touch if you’d like to access the archive version.


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