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Drunk Dungeon

Drunk Dungeon is a game I made in response to a commission from NYU’s No Quarter series in 2012. It’s an ambient party game that has partygoers simultaneously constructing and exploring a top-down dungeon in order to score more points for their respective teams. All they need to do to participate is grab a drink – the game pieces are the coasters they receive with their beverage of choice. More drinking (whether it’s beer or soda or water) means more dungeon…

You can read more in these blog posts about the design process and the game’s debut.

The game has since toured to Juegos Rancheros in Austin and GDC in San Francisco, and been a component of at least one wedding day. Drunk Dungeon was made available to backers of Hide&Seek’s Tiny Games Kickstarter as a boxed game and a print-at-home kit. Get in touch if you’re interested in the availability of either.

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