Game on! Vox launches, Polygon

Game on! Vox launches, Polygon

Vox Media has shaken up sports and tech news withs its unique blend of cutting-edge publishing tools and high-profile hires. Now, we’re about to find out if it can pull off the same trick with gaming news.

After teasing the site’s arrival for months, Vox finally launched Polygon on Wednesday night. The site is a soup-to-nuts source for video game news, covering everything from hardcore gamer staples like Call of Duty to casual mobile fare like Words with Friends. Polygon will also feature human interest stories about developers and players and even offer long form journalism.

“Video games have always been defined by change and right now we’re living in the middle of the most rapid change in video game history with mobile gaming, social gaming and web gaming, said Editor-in-Chief, Chris Grant, in a phone interview.

Grant, who used to edit popular game blog Joystiq, says there is a lack of mature press coverage for what is now a $25 billion industry. He adds the audience for video game news is far more diverse than the stoned Halo players we may remember from college — a Polygon reader is more likely to be a young woman or a 39 year old lawyer than a couch-ridden burnout.

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