My consultancy work covers all sizes of game projects, from multi-platform AAA titles to browser-based games. ¬†Although the work that I produce are tailored to each project, I’m usually asked to provide a critical game design overview, identifying key issues that are yet to be resolved and suggesting frameworks for doing so. I also supply analysis of the likely press response to the game, and provide proposals for maximizing positive coverage. If required, I can produce competitor briefings and mock reviews. I’m also able to advise on collaborators and partners, and specialise in putting together cross-disciplinary teams for game projects.

My involvement can range from a single day’s access to the project, to regular consultations throughout development. ¬†Although I’m happy to work on a project at any stage of development, it’s usually valuable to start the process early in the cycle. ¬†Previous clients include EA, Sony, Channel 4, GameCity, Free Radical Design, Kuju, THQ and the Rank Group.

Please contact me for references, my CV, or for more information about the services I can provide.

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