Batman Arkham Origins Has Bigger Map, Details of Boss Fights Revealed

Batman: Arkham Origins from Warner Bros., one of the most anticipated upcoming video games releases this year. Game developers, Warner Montreal have now revealed that the game had a bigger map.

“The Gotham City in Batman: Arkham Origins is more than double the size of Arkham City. This includes two major regions: North Gotham and South Gotham and the bridge connecting them.” Michael McIntyre, gameplay director at Warner Montreal told GamingBolt.

“There is a lot of space to explore. The length of the single player campaign will depend on each player’s play style but should meet the expectations of fans of the franchise.”

McIntyre spoke about the boss battles prevalent in the game and hoped that the new boss battles will be living up to its predecessors, 2009’s Batman: Arkham Asylum and 2011’s Batman: Arkham City.

“The premise of the night of assassins offers many opportunities for memorable face-offs between Batman and the major villains that have descended on Gotham City on this one night.

We definitely feel we have a great variety since each fight is tailored to the character involved,” he added.

“Some are larger-than-life spectacles and others are more intimate and strange. All of them are designed to put the player’s core skills to the test. We think many of our boss fights will be some of the most intense and satisfying sequences in the game.”

Meanwhile, a comparison video showcasing the difference made by Nvidia’s PhysX to the gameplay in Batman: Arkham Origins was also released.

The two and half minute video shows comparative scenes of playing the game with PhysX by Nvidia switched off and playing it in switched on mode.

The video shows how the Batman’s movements interact with the fog, making it look more realistic especially his cape’s reaction to the fog.

The video also explains that since the setting of the game is during the Christmas, it makes sense to include snow and shows how PhysX makes a difference when it is turned on, adding more snowflakes into the screen.

Batman Arkham Origins Has Bigger Map, Details of Boss Fights Revealed