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Stories You Can Win


I had a chance to be one of the speakers – or more accurately videoers – at the inaugural Future Of StoryTelling.  As a speaker, instead of speaking, you pre-record a video, which attendees have a chance to watch before they come. Then in a series of roundtables, you’re all able to discuss together whatever people have found interesting, or problematic, or absent, in your videotalk, which is all in all far more invigorating than standing in a darkened room trying to imagine everyone in their underwear, or whatever the default public speaking advice is nowadays.

The Future Of Storytelling is, as you’d expect, focused on stories, but in trying to express how games do story differently, I ended up hitting on a few other fundamental questions of what makes games games. Plus they made me do googly eyes, which you may enjoy laughing at.

Job(s) Spot(s)

As a consultant, I get to work with a lot of interesting companies on a lot of interesting games. A lot of them are based in London, and a lot of them are small, fast, satisfying projects. The two questions I get asked most at the moment are:

1) Do you know any really good Flash coders looking for a job?
2) Do you know any good freelance game designers looking for work?

My answer is always: not enough, so I thought I’d give the internet a shout. The Flash jobs are usually full-time at profitable, personable game indies or digital agencies. The game design gigs are often project-by-project, and are looking for people with proven game design and delivery skills (so have you conceived, fleshed out and finished something), rather than necessarily any particular professional qualifications or experience.

If either of those things sound like interesting opportunities, do feel free to get in touch (there’s a Contact link over on the right). I can’t promise anything at all – not even a response if I’m feeling scatterbrained, I fear – but I will pass on details to companies looking to hire where it looks like there’s a good potential match.

People in Glasshouses…

Edinburgh ’08 report:

Number of things I said that made the internet angry that I regret: 2

Number of things I said that made the internet angry that I don’t regret: 19

Number of things I said that would have made the internet really angry if it had been in the room at the time but it wasn’t so phew: 487,943

Number of people I promised I really would get a ‘Margaret Robertson is full of shit’ T-shirt made: 3

Gosh,  Edinburgh’s lovely. I really ought to know that by now, for all sorts of reasons, but it still takes me by surprise every time. But it was great to get a chance to load up on plain bread, and see a bunch of old friends, and catch up with all the Dare students as they all get one step closer to taking over the world.

The rather ramshackle slides for my rather ramshackle talk are here (sorry, 13 meg pdf or so, somehow). Fair disclosure: the notes represent what I had been planning to say if I’d had rather more sleep rather than what I actually managed to blurt out on the day, so apologies if they don’t mesh very well with what you heard. A lot of people have been asking me for the Patrick Redding talk, which you can get here, and really, if you’re only going to read one of them, read his and not mine, because his is properly brilliant.  Thanks again to EIF and Dare for inviting me up: good games, good people, good beer, bad weather. God, I miss Scotland.