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Now that Apple has launched its much awaited iPhone XS, let’s look back on how well previous models, such as the budgetary iPhone5C, have done in the past.

Patrons are evidently dying to lay their hands on it. The smartphone was available for pre-orders in UK markets from the 13 September, 2013.

The budgetary iPhone is available in two variants of 16GB and 32GB. The 16GB model costs around £469 and the 32GB is around £549.

As of now, O2, Three and Vodafone have confirmed that the phone will be listed with their mobile network but the companies have not yet confirmed the data plans that will come with the device. The mobile network companies have not yet revealed the prices as well, reported Cnet. Buy yours here.


What specs does the iPhone have?

Along with all the great specifications, the budgetary iPhone5C also offers a benefit to the European customers. The UK version of the new iPhone’s will let users access foreign 4G networks, but this benefit is currently available only  in Germany and France, noted on Apple’s LTE page.

The budgetary iPhone5C comes with a plastic back cover and has been named as the first most affordable iPhone by the tech giant. Though, the price of the iPhone5C is not very less, it is still cheaper than the iPhone 5 which sets back customers by £529 for the 16GB variant and £599 for the 32GB variant.

The rumours about the budgetary iPhone5C surprisingly turned out to be accurate when it comes to specifications as the newly launched iPhone does have a seamless polycarbonate back in a variety of colours.

Limited colours such as green, blue, white, yellow and red are available as of now but the tech giant might unveil the black variant soon. Click here.

With a 4in retina screen, which means a high definition display, the iPhone5C also carries Apple’s A6 processor that will help the device function smoothly. The OS of the phone will be updated to iOS7, once the version is rolled out on 18 September, 2013. See more information.

The budgetary iPhone will carry an 8 megapixels camera with an f/2.4 aperture and a LED flash, along with a backside illumination sensor as posted by Apple on the official website. The front facing camera for video calling is of 1.2 megapixels.


Issues with the iPhone 5C

People have reported that their iPhone 5C has been slow, freezing and even ‘blacking out’. This is where their screen will turn black, and will not get any response from it for a few minutes.

If you have tried everything possible, we recommend taking it to a trusted repair shop in London. Square Repair is the number one choice for iPhone repairs in the area and they are iTechnician approved. Click here for more.

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