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Microsoft has reportedly been busy experimenting with a Surface Phone after launching a number of Surface tablets.

An anonymous source from Microsoft, who is familiar with the matter, revealed to The Verge, that the company had built a lot of prototype devices to test the viability of such a phone.

The source also revealed that Terry Myerson, the head of Microsoft’s Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox One operating systems department, was in charge of the secret Surface phone project.

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It has been speculated that Microsoft had earlier made plans to look out for other options and manufacture its own mobile phones, in case the Nokia Windows phone deal wasn’t successful.

However, Nokia Lumia handsets managed to dominate the Windows Phone market, and the Finnish company secured over 80 percent of the market share of Windows Phone, which made the tech giant drop the idea of Surface Phone for the time being.

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The news comes close on the heels of Nokia testing Android on Lumia smartphones after Microsoft constantly pushed for Windows Phone to lower price.

Nokia reportedly did try the Android operating system, before it signed a deal with Microsoft in 2011, but retreated as it feared that Samsung would dominate the Android world.

But, it has now been reported that the Surface phones have once again been put on hold as there is a range of handsets lined up by Nokia for a 2014 launch.

Microsoft recently also announced that it will soon be taking over Nokia’s mobile division and the deal is predicted to be completed by 2014, reported Cnet.

Along with Nokia, there were other tech giants who tried to sign a deal with Microsoft after witnessing Nokia’s success in the market share. HTC is said to be one of the mobile giants that attempted to collaborate with Microsoft.

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